Integrated Solutions for a Safer World

Transportation is complicated. Avoidable accidents and incidents involving buses and fleets around the world are on the rise. WIOT’s revolutionary system is here to change that. Focused on improving passenger safety, WIOT simplifies transportation with intelligent technology that connects buses, drivers, students, school admin, teachers and parents—all in realtime.

Transit is essential to the world. Transportation safety is a global concern.

Concerns over transportation safety are on the rise as the number of vehicular incidents and accidents around the world continue to increase. Many of these incidents are the result of negligence, careless behavior, and reckless driving and are entirely avoidable with proper controls and governance in place.

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We have been building technology that improves transportation safety, enhances collaboration among schools, parents, and related authorities, improves on business efficiency and sustainability, and provides the only fully integrated IoT solution of its kind. Get in touch with WIOT360 to learn more.